Hey Beautiful Solopreneur!

I’ve got a question for you: how are things going in your biz?

How are you going?

Did you have any idea what you were getting yourself into when you started on this entrepreneurial journey?

I didn’t.

I was (perhaps a little bit blissfully) unaware of the rollercoaster ride this ‘being in business’ thing would be.

You’ve probably heard it before…but running your own business is a masterclass in personal development.

It will bring up your limiting beliefs, reawaken old fears and anxieties, and push the limits of what you believe you can do.

I know how confronting the entrepreneurial journey can be.

I know what it’s like to feel scared, overwhelmed and question your every business move.

I know what it’s like to feel scared to put yourself out there + worry what other people will think.

To feel like you’re the only one who’s going through it. To feel paralysed by self-doubt and comparison, then getting completely frustrated with yourself for not going after your dreams.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve got no one to talk to and you’re going it alone.

The idea of Solopreneur Society came to me one night at about 2am as I sat in my lounge room thinking about how I could best serve my clients + fellow women in biz …

Because as a coach, entrepreneur and woman, I know how important it is to have a strong support network while building your dreams and business.

To have access to people who get it and  resources that support you in both the practical + emotional parts of building a business.

I know just how much of an emotional rollercoaster ride the Solopreneur journey can be and wanted to be able to help and support other women on a larger scale, giving them access to everything that I either personally loved, needed or wished I’d had in my own business.

As a Solopreneur you will learn about your extraordinary-self, every single day.

I’ve been there. Well, I’m still there in fact!

When I first started my businesses I struggled.

I struggled to get clear on what exactly I wanted to do + then once I figured that out, I was unsure of how I was going to do it. 

I struggled to know what to focus on first + so tried to do it all + found myself in major burn out. 

I struggled to slow down, take care of myself + truly enjoy this amazing journey I was on.

But then I created a support network of like minded ladies with business know-how.

Suddenly I had people who understood exactly what I was going through.

I could share my struggles and know nothing was too big or too small.

We held each other accountable.

We gave each other a loving kick-up the backside when we were making excuses or playing small.

I had people to celebrate with. To celebrate me when I wasn’t able to. To point out my achievements when I was already busy moving the goal posts.

A tribe to bounce ideas off and workshop problems with.

To ask questions + get biz advice from.

To collaborate with + support each others’ business dreams.

I believe this roller-coaster ride of being a solopreneur is one of the most challenging – and the most rewarding journeys you can experience.

I KNOW how much having the right support + community has helped me, and so I want you to have it too.

Solopreneur Society is a membership style community for female entrepreneurs cultivating connection, sisterhood and providing emotional + PRACTICAL support for women in life and business.

An opportunity like no other to be a part of a like minded, powerful, inspiring + empowering group of women, sharing both the challenges + celebrating the successes in life + business.

Separately we are all just Solopreneurs trying to make it through but together we can become a society of empowered entrepreneurs who are thriving!

Because when women unite we become unstoppable!

When you become a Solopreneur Society (SS) member you get access to a community, support, knowledge and resources to help you thrive in life + business.

✖️ A public profile on the go-to girl Solopreneur Society Directory – showcasing you and your work and helping you to be found in the online world.

✖️ Access to Secrets of a Solopreneur – the monthly podcast series featuring inspiring, passion-fuelled startups, creatives, multi passionate entrepreneurs and soulful leaders in business.

✖️ Access to Be Your Own Best Boss – the monthly video coaching series which provides relevant, practical and actionable advice and strategies to help you help yourself through the highs and lows of solopreneurship, the unknowns in business, and the hot topics of heart-centred biz building.

✖️ A soulful, energetic + high vibing Facebook group / community hub which will include discussions, regular shares, Live Q&A’s, Videos and direct access to Amy as your life + biz coach.

✖️ The Market Place – a dedicated space to Buy/Pitch/Sell/Collaborate within the community- hello feel-good self promotion!

✖️ Plus members only special offers, bonus content + discounts for 1:1 coaching + more.

This is the community for you when you are:

✖️ Just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey.

✖️ Bringing to life a passion project, working on a side hustle or ready to grow your vision.

✖️ Building your biz toolkit + looking for resources to support you.

✖️ A few years into your biz + sick of doing it alone.

✖️ Ready to do things in an aligned + feel good way.

 ✖️ Looking for an affordable way to get the biz coaching + support you need to take you + your dreams to the next level.

✖️ Wanting to connect + collaborate with fellow female entrepreneurs.

Solopreneur Society helps you to:

✖️ Feel confident + supported as an entrepreneur.

✖️  Be seen in the online space.

✖️ Find + own your voice, sharing your message.

✖️ Make connections with influencers, experts + incredible women who are also changing the world through their passions + business.

✖️ Blaze your inspired path in the entrepreneurial world.

✖️ Become an expert in your own business (because sweetheart no one knows better than you when it comes to your dreams).

Frequently Asked Questions


No, this is a membership based community which means, while there are incredible resources, there is no coursework, deadlines or modules to be completed.


Absolutely NOT. This is a community for ALL heart centred female entrepreneurs and small business owners at various stages of business who are looking for emotional + practical support + connection for their life + business.


Yes we do. We have options for both yearly + monthly payments.
A 12 month member ship is a lower price point, however monthly is super convenient. 


Of course. However when you have chosen the 12 month membership there are no refunds on full payments. You absolutely can cancel your membership + leave the community at any time.
Monthly payments are exactly the same, you have access to Paypal to cancel at anytime. 


Everything you need will be available to you through your personalised membership login details and will be uploaded to either the membership site or private Facebook group.


You can get started straight away society gal! Because the society is not a course, you are able to start your membership at anytime.Once you’ve joined, you will immediately have access to all the current resources, members area, private FB group + the form you need to create your directory profile too. 


Your lovely self, the desire to be part of the community and access to a computer + the internet.

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