Solopreneurs. Girl Bosses. Creatives. Coaches. Entrepreneurs. All women in biz.

This community is the answer to your entrepreneurial prayers.

Craving more connection with like-minded women?

Need support + a cheer squad to help you drive your dreams home?

Feeling alone + like no one gets this crazy, wild, rollercoaster ride you’ve jumped on
while building your business?

Then sweetheart, you’re in the right place!

We’re the community for you when you feel like:

✖️ You don’t belong.

✖️ You don’t have anything of value to add.

✖️ You’re not keeping up with courses, to do lists, social Media etc.

✖️ Everyone else looks like they’re succeeding and you’re not.

✖️ You’re not even getting to the business stuff because your mindset / mean girl is tripping you up.

 ✖️ you’ve gotten lost + can’t remember why you started.

We help you to:

✖️ Thrive + survive the noise.

✖️ Turn the volume down and tune into what’s important.

✖️ Approach your to do list in your own way.

✖️ Set goals + exceed them.

✖️ Do things you’ve only ever dreamed of.

✖️ Move from breakdown to breakthrough.

✖️ Take bigger leaps in your business.

✖️ Connect + Collaborate with fellow Solopreneurs.


Seeing a coach create an amazing program in service of beautiful people is always a joy to witness.  When that coach becomes ‘coaches’ however, it is even more special.  The joint forces of Amy Mackenzie and Laura Banks create a powerful and potent combination of business fun, cheerleading and incredible coaching prowess and support.  The work Amy and Laura do solo is amazing – and I have no doubt that the work they will do combined will be even more so. I am certain that the Solopreneur Society is on track to be the ‘must have’ membership for coaches wanting to grow and expand their business.

Julie Parker

CEO & Founder , Beautiful You Coaching Academy


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
~Marianne Williamson

Amy and Laura are a powerhouse of love, light and business know-how. Full of sparkle, their passionate cheerleading and dedication to your success gives business owners the confidence and clarity to move forward, all the while helping you smash goals and celebrate achievements along the way. This dynamic duo are such a special part of my life and if you have the chance to work with these two then don’t hesitate!

Jade McKenzie

Event Management and Coaching, EVENT HEAD Event Management


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